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What is a bamboo floor?
Date:2017/11/16 Hit:518

Bamboo and wood floor:
Concept: bamboo floor surface luxuriant elegance, the foot feels comfortable, is a kind of bamboo and wood, reduce the consumption of wood ideal decoration materials. According to the use of materials can be divided into bamboo flooring and bamboo flooring. All bamboo floor all made out of bamboo. Bamboo compound floor generally done by bamboo panel, heart plate and bottom plate are made of wood or wood veneer. According to the floor color can be divided into the bamboo floor and carbonized bamboo flooring.

Advantage: the bamboo floor is refined by the age of bamboo. Bamboo and wood floor style is pure and fresh and elegant, soft, and novel structure, beautiful appearance delicate, have very good adornment effect. Decorated with bamboo and wood floor on the ground, can make the bedroom environment more comfortable, more natural style. Because of the high bamboo growth cycle, and easy to collect, the cost is low, so the price is not high. And carefully makings for bamboo and wood floor is through special craft processing and become, compared with the general wood floor USES a variety of chemical treatment agent chemical composition is much less, non-toxic, harmless and pollution-free green characteristic, catering to the psychological desire of the people to return to nature, so by the welcome of people.

Disadvantages: bamboo floor although the dry processing, reduced the size of the change, but because of its bamboo is a natural material, so it will be with the dry humidity of climate change and the distortion. Used in northern region, therefore, in the dry season, especially when open central heating, indoor need to regulate humidity by artificial means, such as using humidifier or put basin of water heating or likely to cause such as bamboo floor cracks; South huangmei season, want to open a window ventilated, maintain indoor dry. Otherwise, it may appear to be out of shape. Bamboo floor should try to avoid sun exposure, can appear otherwise floor layer. Bamboo and wood floor afraid decay, so consumers should pay attention to moth-proofing. Suggest that consumers do not use sharp objects division bamboo floor, lest produce scratches.

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