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How to identify environmental protection floor of wood of true and false?
Date:2018/7/10 Hit:586

"Be sure to see the test report, formaldehyde content is in line with the standards prescribed by the state." To scan the test report of the floor, in addition to look at it identifies formaldehyde content, also look at test category. Usually for the national supervision and inspection or test category enterprise entrusts the reliability of the sampling observation is higher than inspection, qualified products formaldehyde release a quantity to all within the scope of the security.

Despite the strong methods, professional indoor air pollution purification technology, tsinghua university expert professor jun-hua li also teach customer two simple small method to distinguish whether formaldehyde exceeds bid: will open a new section of sawing wood, smell, look carefully, if there is a pungent taste or feel dazzling, belong to formaldehyde to exceed bid of unqualified products, we can confirm the opposite is environmental protection product. In addition, consumers can be a small piece of sample soaked in hot water at the top of the 1-3 minutes, see if stimulating odour. Green wood floor due to the low formaldehyde release a quantity, generally do not smell pungent odor, if stimulus flavor is very strong, even make eyes feel uncomfortable, then prove that the free formaldehyde in the base material of the floor.

Will remove the floor itself contains formaldehyde of indoor environment pollution caused by the outside, zhi-hua gao also warns customer, choose the floor, can't ignore the installation problem. If the installation is not standard, will also affect environmental protection. In addition, the floor of the adhesive if not up to standard, can cause indoor formaldehyde pollution.

Therefore, in choosing a good environmental performance of wood floor at the same time, consumers should also pay attention to the environmental protection clean on relevant process, so that from each link to ensure a comfortable and healthy home environment.

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