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Wood floor cleaning and maintenance of common sense
Date:2018/3/13 Hit:608

Now on the market of floor material is numerous, if your home is laid wood floor, also had trouble with wooden floor maintenance, in order to beautiful indoor and floor used for a long time, want to know about wooden floor maintenance is very important, today let small make up take you to know about the wood floor cleaning and maintenance of common sense.

Aggrandizement is compound the floor: no special maintenance, with containing a small amount of water wipe clean dishcloth. Is a very wear-resisting layer of aggrandizement floor surface substance called 3 oxidation 2 aluminium, protection by the wear, the service life of the floor will not redundant polishing, waxing can damage the surface effect of aggrandizement floor instead.

The floor of real wood material: wood floor according to the facts, three solid mu fu joins a floor board, multilayer solid mu fu joins a floor board, etc., to distinguish between surface treatment is paint treatment or natural oils, and then select targeted maintenance agent, and maintenance procedures and methods is relatively complicated, can ask the vendor of manufacturers or directly call sales floor the door to provide maintenance services. For the depth of floor of real wood material maintenance, such as removing the surface lacquer goes up afresh paint or grease oiling, surface lacquer goes up afresh after grinding and other work, to the best floor manufacturer or professional floor maintenance company to do it.

Processing case become warped, or fall off: for the position of individual case become warped, or fall off, first distinguish is late or man-made product quality problem. Products or contact with water for a long time can lead to touch water part case become warped, should quickly dry water, and a window ventilated, reduce indoor humidity products will have different degree of deformation recovery. If the case become warped or loss caused by external forces, aggrandizement floor and multilayer solid mu fu joins a floor board repair depends on the degree of damage, and three-layer real wood floor of real wood floor due to the surface of wood thicker, can use a dedicated repair agent to repair. Such problems in the process of normal use, better and sales contact the manufacturer of the floor, after proven problem cause by the professional personnel to operate.

Correctly choose the cleaning and maintenance supplies: aggrandizement is compound the floor does not require any cleaning and maintenance daily chemical products. For the floor surface is real wood material, choose what kind of cosmetic products according to surface treatment technology, such as the surface is the paint processing, choose a maintenance dose of paint ingredients; Such as the surface is natural oils and fats processing, should choose to contain vegetable oil component maintenance agent. It is better to choose floor manufacturer supporting sales of cleaning and maintenance products.

Recently there are a lot of illegal manufacturer for cleaning and maintenance daily chemical products often use the floor manufacturer name to the customer by telephone or the door type product sales, consumer must verify and floor manufacturers, avoid scams or unable to make the floor from loss and claim.


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