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Two appraisal floor quality
Date:2018/1/10 Hit:494

1, template soaking water resistance

In daily life without dealing with water, the water resistance of the floor should be very important, otherwise it is easy to deformation in the process of use. The floor with poor water resistance, use for a period of time after the apparent apophysis, joint part of uplift is easy to wear and tear, accelerated the damage of the floor.

Hint of choose and buy, consumer only soak merchants provide small sample took home one day, you can compare the water resistance of the floor. In addition, the cooking test can also inspect the durability of the floor, consumers can be cut into small pieces of the same grade, the different brand floor in the same container, cooked in boiling water for a period of time, generally speaking, the smallest expansion degree, shape change is the smallest, the better its durability.

2, sandpaper, wear resistance

The floor of wear-resisting revolution is mainly related to surface 3 oxidation 2 aluminium content. 3 oxidation 2 aluminium content is higher, the floor of wear-resisting revolution is also higher. Domestic floor wear-resisting paper mainly rely on import, mainly imported from Germany and the United States of the two countries. Appear on the market at present the so-called 2, thirty thousand turn the floor of wear-resisting degree is not conform to the scientific principles. So consumers should not be the wear-resisting revolution as the main indicators to measure the quality of the floor.

Hint of choose and buy: consumers can use sand paper to different brands of aggrandizement wood floor polishing compared, wear-resisting performance is good, the floor, of course, the more amenable to burnish. Under the condition of same wear-resisting, decorative pattern more clear more better.


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