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How To Identify The Quality Of The Floor?
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How is the quality of the floor? The answer to this question can not be the same. Because the flooring on the floor of the floor material is varied, to determine the quality of the standard is not the same. Unified international home Xiaobian today to teach you, in the purchase of the floor when the face of different types of flooring, how to identify how their quality.

First, the quality of solid wood flooring
1, observe the accuracy of the floor
Out of the box after the wooden floor out of 10 or so hand-assembled together to see the floor of the assembly gap and the height difference between adjacent floors.
2, check the substrate defects
Observe the floor cross section to see whether the plate pattern convergence; check whether there are dead, live, cracking, decay, bacteria and other defects. Natural solid wood flooring objectively exist color and uneven phenomenon, in color difference without too much care.
3, measure the moisture content
National standards for wood flooring moisture content of 8% -13%, but due to regional differences in the north and south there are some differences in the northern region of the floor moisture content of 12%, the southern region of the water content should be controlled within 14%.
General wooden floor of the dealer if there is no water content tester shows that the indicators of moisture on this indicator does not pay attention. Purchase the first measured in the exhibition hall of the wood floor moisture content, and then measured the same kind of unpacked packaging, with the specifications of the wood floor moisture content if the difference of ± 2% can be considered normal.
4, to determine the appropriate length
Medium and short length of the floor with easy deformation, easy to lay, not afraid of the advantages of damage. Too long too wide floor is relatively easy to deformation, in the laying of the more complex.
5, identify the floor material
At present, the name of the tree on the market is very confusing, and some manufacturers to promote the sale of wood will be a variety of wood do not meet the reputation of such as: rosewood, gold does not change, jade sandalwood and other names; Filling high-grade timber, consumers must not be confused for the name, clear the material to avoid being taken. At the same time do not too much pursuit of imported materials, in fact, many domestic trees, many areas of the quality and price of trees are better than similar imported species.


Second, the quality of solid wood composite floor identification
1, look at the appearance
Solid wood composite floor is divided into excellent, first class, qualified three categories. Appearance quality is an important basis for grading. When buying the first look at the color of the surface of the wood, the texture is clear, the general surface should not have decay, holes, insect holes, cracks or patchwork lax and other wood defects, wood texture and color sense should be harmonious. Also check the floor around the tongue and tongue and groove are flat.
2, to clarify the species
There are two kinds of solid wood flooring, one for the three solid wood flooring, from the table, core board, backplane three layers of wood together. Another multi-layer solid wood flooring by the seven or nine layers of composition, stability, better than the three solid wood flooring. In the purchase according to their own needs to choose three or more solid wood flooring. If it is geothermal floor, we must choose multi-layer.
3, observe the structure
Consumers through the multi-layer solid wood floor of the four sides of the mortise, you can see the structure of the layers of laminated. Traditional multi-layer solid wood flooring substrate with odd layers of billet, usually seven or nine layers. In recent years, some brands of traditional crafts to improve the use of even layers of billet that eight or ten layers. In the purchase may wish to pick up the floor to see the floor of the structure layer is a few layers.
4, formaldehyde content
According to the unified family Xiaobian understand, multi-layer solid wood flooring by a number of wood board assembled from bonding, so the quality of the floor adhesive, environmental performance is essential. Once the glue used is not good or even poor will make a serious violation of formaldehyde affect the user's health. China's current mandatory environmental standards for the floor is the highest level of formaldehyde emission is lower than 1.5mg / L. So choose the E1 level of the floor can be assured to use.
5, splicing test
Readily take more than 5 flooring placed on the glass table or flat on the ground to assemble. After assembly, hand tighten the tongue and groove to observe the combination of tongue and groove is tight, and then feel the hand is smooth. Pick up the assembled multi-layer parquet in the hands of whether it is loose, if the level of the more prominent feel and loose phenomenon that failed.


Third, strengthen the composite floor quality identification
1, proof of material that environmental protection
Strengthen the wood floor contains a certain amount of formaldehyde, if more than the national standard (1.5mg / L) will be harmful to the human body, in the purchase of the most appropriate choice of national environmental protection signs of products or Mianjian products. Do not believe in shopping guide "zero formaldehyde" argument, the most solid approach is to require environmental certification, inspection reports and other proof materials.
2, wear coefficient is marked
Reinforced composite floor surface of the anti-wear agent for the suppression of aluminum oxide. The content of aluminum oxide and the thickness of the film determine the number of revolutions. Content and the greater the degree of film, the higher the number of the more wear-resistant, said the longer the life of the floor use. The number of wear on the market is ≥ 6000 turn to strengthen the composite floor, the AC3 will be marked on the floor, the greater the number of revolutions the greater the value of identification.
3, grass-roots material does not fall gray
Currently on the market to strengthen the composite floor of the basic substrate from the economic fast-growing forest, wood processed through the MDF. The greater the density, the greater the bonding strength, the better the quality of the plate. In the selection of laminate flooring, the grassroots white, the better the quality. With your fingers hard to press the edge of the substrate to see if the fall gray, if not off the powder and other wood pulp that good quality.
4, floor splicing tightness
As a result of strengthening the composite floor on the back does not play the dragon skeleton, do not need to glue glue, so the mouth is very important compact. In the purchase site can take two pieces of the floor of the model assembled to see if neat and tight. Good quality of the floor stitch together, the two together to break apart are very difficult.
5, the thickness of the difference between the length
Strengthen the composite floor is generally divided into 1.2 cm and 0.8 cm two. 1.2 cm floor closer to the solid wood flooring, foot feel better. The market is divided into large and small two specifications, large board length of 1.2 meters, small plate length of 0.8 meters. The room is relatively large proposal to choose the board, paving effect is good; the room is relatively small recommended small board, to save material.


Fourth, the quality of cork flooring
1, look at the color
Cork flooring depends on whether or not to use more cork. Cork bark is divided into three levels: the most surface is the black, but also the hardest part of the black leather soft white or pale yellow material called cemented cork, is the essence of cork. If the cork flooring more use of the essence of the quality of cork is higher. Floor backplane also uses black skin to improve the impact resistance.
2, look at the density
Cork floor density is divided into three levels: 400-450 kg / cubic meter, 450-500 kg / cubic meter, greater than 500 kg / cubic meter, the general family selection 400-450 kg / cubic meter is enough. If the indoor weight is slightly higher, in short, can choose the density of small as far as possible the choice of small density of the floor, because it has a better flexibility, insulation, sound absorption vibration.
3, look at the surface
In the choice of the first look at the floor sanding surface is smooth, with or without drum particles, cork particles are pure. Check the side length is straight, take 4 pieces of the same floor shop in the glass or a flat ground, assembled to view whether it is joint; test board bending strength, the two diagonal of the floor together to see whether the curved surface of the crack, No quality products. Finally, to carry out the bonding strength test, the small pieces of cork flooring into the open blisters, such as the sandy smooth surface to find it is uneven, the quality of the case of water surface should be no significant changes.

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