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Pregnant women most suitable for how to shop the floor? Do not sloppy
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Pregnant women most suitable for how to shop the floor? Do not sloppy. Pregnant women need a relatively comfortable, quiet and healthy environment during pregnancy. So the choice of wood flooring can not be sloppy. So what is the wooden floor for pregnant women's wood flooring?
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The importance of safety The most important safety is no doubt, so be sure to pay attention to the selection of flooring in accordance with national safety standards when purchasing flooring. Especially in the formaldehyde content, because pregnant women are particularly sensitive to formaldehyde, and formaldehyde easily lead to pregnancy syndrome, neonatal chromosomal abnormalities, leukemia, etc., so we must choose environmental protection standards of environmental protection floor.
Comfort. Pregnant women during pregnancy, the body in all aspects to adapt to the arrival of newborns, so the body reaction will become sensitive, especially in the late pregnancy, it is easy to form varicose veins or foot edema, so the comfort of the floor is particularly important. Multi-layer solid wood flooring due to the use of natural wood, feet more comfortable, cool in winter and cool, small changes in temperature, but also care for pregnant women's physical feelings.

Practicality does not ignore the floor decoration is not a moment of time, it is accompanied by long-term life in the future. So when you buy the floor to consider the durability and durability of the floor, select the texture of fine, durable floor, will be able to better maintain the primary colors, easy to wear. At the same time, you must choose to lock the cold floor, and resolutely resist due to moisture or internal forces caused by uneven floor of the Alice, deformation and other issues.

Women in the process of pregnancy is very hard to create a comfortable and safe home environment is particularly important, so the right choice of wood flooring is very important for pregnant women. Of course, the more important thing is to relax, let it be, enjoy the gift of God today to bring all the gains. Welcome to buy Europe to send the floor of the series of products, to bring your environmental protection during pregnancy, comfort, practical with a different experience, bring greater protection!

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