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Maintenance of Category 3 Wood Flooring
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At present, the market floor is divided into solid wood flooring, solid wood flooring and laminate flooring three categories. Meiyu season, the air humidity, high temperature, the house will appear back to the tide, moldy phenomenon. Wood flooring due to the characteristics of its material, after damp will appear deformation, mildew and so on. Moisture is very harmful to wood flooring and needs to be handled with care. That wood floor in the end how to maintain the right is it?

Wooden floor maintenance of solid wood flooring

Solid wood flooring is the high-end consumer products in the floor, with a natural pattern, comfortable feet, healthy and environmentally friendly features, very suitable for living room, bedroom, study and other occasions decoration. Solid wood flooring is the biggest advantage of good foot feeling, close to nature. Because of its natural properties, solid wood flooring installation and care up more trouble, need regular waxing maintenance.

As we all know, the wood itself has a lot of dense fiber holes and pores, tens of meters of trees can be 100 meters from the root of the tree to the water pumping to each leaf. So the wood processed into the floor, these pipe holes still exist. It is also the case, the wood floor has to adjust the indoor temperature, humidity characteristics, which is the advantages of wood flooring

Solid wood flooring before the need to distinguish the surface treatment process is a paint or natural grease treatment, and then targeted maintenance, security floor that solid wood flooring maintenance in addition to the usual attention to clean dust impurities, but also should be regularly waxing. And waxing to choose the right time.

The general choice of sunny weather for waxing is better. Anxin floor that rainy days or wet weather is easy to make the surface of solid wood flooring because of clean and dirty and white. The temperature is too low is not enough, wood floor wax easy to freeze. Wood flooring maintenance method is correct, not only solid wood flooring surface glossy beautiful, but also can extend the life of solid wood flooring.

For solid wood flooring, it should be a layer of geothermal film mats, but the mat is not thicker the better, usually about 2 cm on it. Too thick, the floor room is relatively large, long time easy to arch. Professionals also said that from the moisture point of view, no matter how good the wood floor than the most common plastic film. Because it looks dry and dry ground, there will be moisture when the steamed, so geothermal heating requirements in conjunction with the use of PE moisture film. But also requires PE moisture film has a certain thickness and good environmental protection.
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Wood flooring maintenance of solid wood flooring

Solid wood flooring is currently on the market the most popular kind of ground decoration materials. Mainly because the solid wood composite floor not only strengthen the stability of the floor and wear resistance, but also with solid wood flooring environmental protection, beautiful features in one. Solid wood composite floor to retain the beautiful pattern, and not easy to deformation.

Solid wood flooring with solid wood flooring, laminate flooring has a lot of the same place, because of fear of water, so be sure to pay attention to waterproof moisture. When cleaning solid wood flooring, do not allow the use of dripping mop or alkaline, soapy water and other liquid cleaning, so easy to damage the wood floor paint.

If the air is dry, the mop can be wet or put a pot of water on the heating or humidifier with a humidifier.

Solid wood flooring to avoid the sun exposure, so as not to long-term exposure to ultraviolet light in advance of aging, cracking; solid wood flooring in the face of a large area of ​​water when, in addition to the ground clean water, but also should open the window ventilation Breathable, or dry with a fan. Do not sun exposure or direct baking with a heater, so easy to cause the wood floor aging, cracking.

Wood flooring maintenance of the floor

Strengthen the floor due to cheap, many models, is more popular in recent years, the ground decoration materials. Strengthen the floor to break the physical structure of logs, to overcome the poor stability of the logs, very suitable for living room, kitchen, bathroom and other occasions decoration.

The advantage of strengthening the floor is that there is a strong wear resistance, easy to shop, it is easy to clean up the cleaning. The disadvantage is that the water is easy to arch.

Strengthen the floor maintenance is very simple and convenient, strengthen the floor without any special maintenance, just use a small amount of moisture wipe can be wiped. Because the floor is a layer of very wear-resistant material called aluminum oxide, the protection of the floor in the life will not be worn, the extra polishing, waxing, etc. but will destroy the surface effect of strengthening the floor.

Huangmei days rainy, warm and high humidity on the wooden floor maintenance and maintenance, but no small threat. To remind you friends:

First of all, encountered rainy days, should be as far as possible south or south-east direction (that is, the wind direction) doors and windows closed, only to open the wind direction of the doors and windows to reduce water vapor into the room. When the weather turns fine, you can open all the doors and windows to speed up the evaporation of water.

Second, because the air humidity at noon in the room at the highest value, not the window, the best choice in the afternoon or evening, the climate is relatively dry, the window to adjust the indoor air.

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